Laughter and Ink-Stained Hands

About two weeks ago I deleted my entire Facebook friends list, and deactivated my account for the foreseeable future.  On a whim, I decided to give Instagram the boot as well.  I did this for a single, somewhat counter-intuitive reason; to improve my social life.  I'll explain. I am experimenting with the notion that by... Continue Reading →

The Best Hiking Partner

Over the past two weeks I've sat down a half dozen times to write some version of a "things I learned in 2019 post."  Of course, I wouldn't call it that, and I'd try to find some more clever way to lure a reader into it.  The problem is, I end up spinning a web... Continue Reading →

Hedonistic Adaptation

This morning I received the best news I've had in a month. My buddy John is willing to drive over an hour out of his way, so I can catch an AOC backpacking trip next weekend. The latter part of his text nearly moved me to tears: "The Trail provides brother. Even when we aren't... Continue Reading →

Past and Present

I'm nestled next to a third floor window, on a small couch which folds into a twin bed.  I've lived most of this week out of my "city" backpack, a Patagonia Refugio.  It's filled with all manner of oddities which I haven't required in months.  Items like a stick of deodorant, underwear, a belt, and... Continue Reading →


I just ordered two paperback titles, quickly and with as little logical impedance as possible. I am now a thru-hiker, and post-trail we are a nearly destitute breed. I do remember reading a quote of H.P. Lovecraft years ago, in which he argued the validity of eating less to afford books. I console myself with... Continue Reading →

The Final Leg

This morning I am embarking on the last 69.1 miles of my trip. This section from Erwin, TN to Hot Springs, NC should take three and a half days. I'll be staying at Laughing Heart Hostel Tuesday evening, where I am hoping to have more conversation with "Solo" who is one of the caretakers. When... Continue Reading →

Still Walking…

I woke at Laurel Fork Shelter this morning, which puts me 146.9 miles from Hot Springs, NC. I resupplied in Hampton, TN last night, and didn't make it out of town until 8:30pm. The road walk back to the trail is sketchy enough in the day time, and down right dangerous at night. I decided... Continue Reading →

A Lazy 14.5

I rolled into the Wapiti Shelter around 6:30pm yesterday, after being rained on for a few hours. The forecast had the rain starting at noon, but three hours was plenty. Thoroughly soaked and cold, I set about the usual nightly camp tasks. I fired up my homemade cat food can stove, now on its seventh... Continue Reading →

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