Overnight Trip in the Smoky Mountains


Peck’s Corner Shelter


Charlie’s Bunion

Daytime temps never quite got above 33F.  It was as if my body recognized the rafters of Peck’s Corner, and put me into a grave-like slumber when I got there.  I woke twelve hours later, despite the 20F overnight temps.  It was easily the best sleep I’ve had in two months.

It was so good to talk to Myra about her PCT adventures.  She’s come out of her shell quite a bit, which I had hoped would happen.  Nahid was also there, a very solid hiker from Iran who I’ve hiked with for many years.  Lee, new to the club but already a veteran hiker, was kind enough to pick me up and drop me off at my front door.  I think he’ll be a trip leader with the club in a few months.

This trip was a welcome respite, one I needed more than my friends could have known.




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