Morale Boost

So this happened. Jelly had a job interview in NC, and decided to come visit. She drove three hours out of her way to meet me on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere Virginia. We had a picnic, spent the night and trail and hung out this morning.

I’m currently carrying 10oz of baked chickpeas and her signature rice and bean dinners. Her mom sent sugar cookies and brownies, which will not make it through the day. Feeling the love.

There’s been a lot of love on the trail lately. Many trail angels have made a critical impact on the past three weeks. Rob, I Believe, and Jimmy just to name a few.

I’m closing in on Pearisburg and some slightly more interesting parts of the state!

McAfee’s Knob
The Dragon’s Tooth
The 300 year old Keffer Oak. The second largest on trail.

Finally, the Virginia pasture lands. Getting closer to the border!

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  1. I have a picture of you standing in front of some metal structure of a robot eating a mini-bike (also next to a nifty Mini Cooper rental car). Also, by you agreeing to a ride back to the trail, you saved me from literally breaking down on the interstate with a flat tire and no spare. I was just about to hop on the highway when I saw you. It was only while driving with you did I realize I had that screw in my tire. So, THANK YOU!

    Also, I drove up to and then walked to that field at the top of the mountain (off of Coffey St.) that you described. I am so glad I ran into you because that view was just spectacular.


    1. I’m so glad I gave you the right info! It was a little fuzzy on my part 🤣. Thank for your kindness. I’ve never had an unsolicited ride back to trail from town before. I’ve told that story to at least six other hikers now!


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