Stanimal’s 328 Hostel in Glasgow, VA is the first place I’ve stopped in 238 miles. I wanted do push hard through this section, and I’m pretty satisfied. I cleared the 101 mile Shenandoah section in five days. I’ve had a marathon and one twenty-five so far.

190 miles without a shower is a new record, one I’ll not likely repeat soon. I’ve enjoyed the calm and solitude of this section. Four times now I’ve slept in empty shelters, an odd thing on the AT.

The quiet time alone has lead to very deep states of calm. Having done the remaining miles before, I feel utterly confident about the way ahead. I’m going to continue pushing myself and refining my skills, becoming faster and more efficient as I go.

I might not have the chance to push a five hundred mile stretch south like this again for some time. The experience deserves everything I can throw at it.

Cold oatmeal and cold instant coffee. The breakfast of champion hikers everywhere

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