South Bound

I summited Katahdin on August 30th, shortly after running out of food in the Hundred Mile Wilderness. More on that, and how I made it out of Baxter State Park in a later post.

My wonderful lady friend, Jelly, invited me to her parent’s house in Buffalo, NY to recoup for two days. Then we set off to hike the 110 mile section between Fontana Dam and Hot Springs, NC. More on this in a future post as well 😉.

At the moment, I am thirty-five miles south of Harper’s Ferry, WV. I am walking the last 750 mile stretch required to finish the trail in a calendar year (thru-hike). I will enter the Shenandoah National Park on September 16th, which is my last section to complete the entire trail. Complete as in having walked the whole trail within my lifetime, but not within a calendar year, which I am still working towards.

In 2016 I canoed this section via the Shenandoah river, so these trail miles are new to me.

Jelly is heading back to work, and I am hoping to complete the trail by November 1st. Here are a few photos from a beautiful evening and early morning on Max Patch:

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