Lightning Fest

Im sitting on the floor of Hexacube Shelter, on a raised platform quite damp from the sudden rain. I made it in minutes before some of the scariest lightening strikes I’ve encountered on trail. Literally *flash* BANG! That fast. The shelter shook as the thunder continued rolling its way down the mountain.

I’ve been hiking with a lady named In A Day for forty miles now. She just checked in, and I’m happy to say she was able to get her tent up safely some two miles north of here.

This has put the Whites in perspective. If I were on an exposed ridge, I would have been fucked. One of my mentors Garrett, recounted literally running across a slick granite ridge with his wife during their thru hike. They were in the Whites and the choice was to either get hit by lightning or risk losing their footing and taking a substantial fall. They chose the latter. A nightmare to be sure.

Jelly just broke her digital fast to tell me about the weather she just survived up there. She managed to get into a hut minutes before her own lightning fest. This after twenty miles (including Mt. Washington) with a dog in tow.

I’ve met and hiked with some truly impressive people.

The calm before the storm.

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