Moose Mountain

I’m currently camped on top of Moose Mountain’s south peak. You can do these things when you have a little tiny bivy that can be pitched anywhere.

There are bats flying about ten feet overhead, and this makes me giddy happy beyond belief. I love bats. They’re cute, and they eat my mortal enemy; the mosquito. Similarly, I love possums. They’re also cute, and eat my other mortal enemy; ticks! Who can fail to love an American marsupial? Seriously you guys!

My writing has been all over the place, a lot of it is very embarrassing, and I’m just letting it fly. My mental state is a little off right now, but in a good way. An uncomfortable, but growing way.

“Happiness is not always comfortable.”

I’m not sure where I heard that sage advice (some girl on YouTube, but I don’t remember the channel) and it’s become a personal mantra. It sums up the trail experience beautifully.

I do know for certain, that I am way happier than I was when I did electrical work. I think it was the lack of stability in the day to day hours, which really got to me. Hiking is very rhythmic and consistent. My warehouse job also had a set time for every task. I find happiness in repetition.

There’s no way to link 30,000 steel rings together, much less bend and cut all of them by hand, unless you are a repetition person. Chain maille was a hobby of mine, as has been crochet. In light of this, distance hiking makes perfect sense.

I spent the morning with Reverend Anderson, the steward of the parishioners house I mentioned in a previous post. What a fascinating woman, and an open book about it! She was a welder, pile driver, and carpenter for many years. She admitted to me that she had to interchange “fuck” with “blessed” when she started ministry. I almost spit my coffee out laughing at this.

I’m always weary of Christians, too often hiding behind a veil their “element of human rascality” as Watts liked to put it. This woman made no effort to hide her fucked up humanity from me. I made no effort to hide mine, and the discourse flowed deeply. She’s the real deal, and I’m glad she’s in the church. She had a lot to teach, and left me with some book titles too. I look forward to my homework!

Again, if the AT is just a hike, in the woods, over mountains, through the rain, blah blah blah. That’s cool. Having a reverend show me the trailer to the movie “Short Bus,” after explaining some of the most difficult tragedies of her life with me? That’s why I’m out here.

I’m here to learn how to be a better person from better people. That has not changed from my last hike. If you’re not on the trail long enough to start questioning what the AT actually is, do a yo-yo and head back. Or hike your own hike, I don’t really care.

Till next time. Be kind to yourselves out there. Much love, and I hope, a moment’s peace as well.

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