Made it to Vermont!

Hey guys, a more detailed post will be coming in the following days. For now I just wanted to let everyone know that I summited Mt. Greylock, and entered Vermont yesterday.

I’m currently 46(ish) miles south of Manchester Center, where I will hopefully be staying at the Green Mountain House for a night. Yesterday I said goodbye (for now) to Jelly and her adorable adventure pup, Mabel. They both hopped ahead to the Maine Junction, in pursuit of their second to last section of trail.

As soon as I made the decision to let go of trying to keep up with others, and resolved to hike solo, both Jelly and Crotchidile came back into my trail life. Additionally, I met a badass ultra-lighter named Sage, and he are hopefully destined to become good friends.

More on the Great Barrington – North adventurers to come. For now, I have thirteen more miles to hike. I’m aiming for the Goddard Shelter tonight.

I loved this cast metal map, showing Greylock and the surrounding summits!

I’ve missed you Vermont!!

Sage’s MLD Burn.

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  1. That’s wonderful Ryan. Seems this hike has been really good for and to you. Beautiful pictures. Praying for a continued blessed journey. Love you.


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