An Update, An Explanation

I’m pleased to report that I have walked across New Jersey and entered New York since my last post.

To be honest, I haven’t been in much of a writing mood of late. Sure, I could recount everything I’ve done in the past few days step by step, but I prefer my writing to have a bit more substance than that.

The true challenge of hiking lies on the mental side of things, which is what I prefer to write about. I simply haven’t had much time, space, or downtime to compose anything. This may sound absurd to people at home, who would likely retort something like:

“You have all the time in the world!”

At the moment, it behooves me to spend that time eating, sleeping, hiking ten to fifteen hours a day, and laughing with my trail friends/family. When I have the proper downtime, go back to bi-phasic sleep, and hit a 3MPH pace, more in-depth posts will surely follow.

I’ve discarded a few entries this year, which I later found just didn’t meet my standards; my internal “gut” check. I’d rather err on the side of waiting for the words, instead of trying to force them out.

In the meantime, the icons in the header link to my YouTube channel and Instagram. Lately I’ve been putting a few quick blurbs on YouTube, because it’s easy to do while hiking. Feel free to check them out!

For now, here are some photos:

An epic, seven person hitch in one light pickup truck. Speed Racer and Tater Tot
Tater Tot’s photo of her fur babies
Free thru-hiker soda at High Point State Park

291 steps to the top. 10 min to summit baby!
Highest point in NJ
Tater Tot meets her “trail boo.”
A selfie with Jake

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