More Photos of Vermont


Vermont had some incredible fungus.image

AT Symbol on top of Bromleyimage


When bored hikers find incomplete signage.image

Oh there’s water here?  Oh I haven’t had breakfast yet?  This is how you turn the trail into a picnic table.image


Only in Vermont will I drink lake water.imageimage


The most sketchy bridge on trail.image

The view though.imageimage

My home for 4.5 months.  I wouldn’t trade it!image

Composed shot.  I choked up a bit after this.img_1585

I bought one of these “Buff” things, pretty handy, makes me look like a pirate.img_1596

Post-hike body and beard.  Now to rebuild my upper-body…img_1578img_1579

I love Vermont!img_1580img_1548img_1581

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