Care Package

Control Equipment Company sent me a care package!


This is perfectly timed, because there is very little for resupply in Kent, CT.  The card is full of words of encouragement, and made my day.  The past three to five days have been among my best on trail.

I love Krave jerky, and the powdered peanut butter well, I have a few experiments in mind.

A couple days ago I met a pair of honeymooners, who were leaving on day two of an ambitious eight day backpacking trip.  It was their first time backpacking, and as thru-hikers we tried to give them as much advice and help as we could.

Nevertheless they decided to head out and do a few weekend trips instead.  Their names were Vincent and Elaina, and they were kind enough to give me a couple of Mountain House meals as they departed.


*Look at how happy and clean the people on the packaging are.  These are called “section hikers.”

Just before reaching the road to Kent, I found a pile of discarded oatmeal on trail.  So I have essentially been resupplied out of  luck, which is pretty awesome.  Kent, CT is a ritzy tourist stop, which is not hiker friendly at all.  This resupply could not have come at a better time!

Yesterday Game Warden convinced me (because it takes so much convincing) that we needed a hotel stop and a hot shower.  We managed to find a ride out of Kent to a fine one star motel for the night.

We gorged on Italian food and are now ready to hit the trail again!  Also, my buddy Garrett is meeting up with me to hike this week, which will be really nice.

I’ll try to keep the updates coming, take the best of care!


One thought on “Care Package

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  1. Yeah for the extra supplies sent via mail, and the ones gifted to you. Glad Garrett is going to hike with you for a bit.
    Love you ❤ Hike on ………………. Enjoy 🙂


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