Aqua-Blaze Mile 969.2

Casper, and I left Waynesboro having spent $0.45 on a figurehead for our  vessel, an Aztec salad prong from a thrift store.

It was a challenging but good trip, I’ll have the full story when I zero in Harper’s Ferry three days from now.

This trip changed the nature of my hike, and put me back in touch with my original intentions for starting the trail.

The river taught me that it is okay to go with the flow, as long as it is approached from the correct angle, with the correct vigor.  What waves may come, those columns mounted, will guide even along unexpected avenues.

I miss the trail dearly.



2 thoughts on “Aqua-Blaze Mile 969.2

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  1. Love talking to you this morning ❤ , Talk to you again when you reach Harpers Ferry ! Until then Keep on hiking on………………Love you ❤


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