Aqua-Blazing Shenandoah

I’m currently in a hotel room in Waynesboro making lists and provisioning for a six-day canoe trip.  “Aqua-blazing” is the term for paddling a section of trail instead of hiking it.  I was extended the last-minute invite for this trip while recovering at the Devil’s Backbone brewery this morning.

I’d highly recommend a visit there, and they are especially welcoming to thirsty hikers.  Nearly twenty of us woke on their property this morning, as they offer free camping near the bar.  Their $5 hiker breakfast puts all but Mountain Harbor’s to shame.

I’ve felt a great desire to go sailing for the past month, and hopefully this time on the water will satiate some of that.  Firebird is going with, and we have a group of eight total. I’ve not written about the others, but I am excited to share their stories.

I’m seriously considering flying from Harper’s Ferry to Maine and hiking the remainder of the AT southbound after this trip.  This removes the October 15th deadline for Katahdin, and is known as a “flip-flop” hike.

Honestly, the constant worry about making miles on time is stressing me out.  It’s sapping the enjoyment of the miles themselves.  With this plan I can easily hike into December on my present budget.  It also exposes me to the experience of being both Nobo and Sobo.  Sobo hikers are tougher, and I seek their strength.

This hike is ever teaching me to be present, appreciate friends while I have them, and be open and adaptable.  This course of action is really the application of all three lessons, and the one that settles my stomach the most.  My hike is about the exploration of freedom, not deadlines.



2 thoughts on “Aqua-Blazing Shenandoah

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  1. What part of Maine will you be headed to and when? I’m just south of Portland, very close to the Eastern Trail (which I assume is part of the trail you’d be taking).



  2. Great video and pictures 🙂 I like your idea of going to Maine and doing a flip-flop, It gets the North out of the way before the cold and wind comes in. and gets you out of the southern rain / humidity . Whatever you decide, as I always tell you, this is” your Journey” and you should go with what you feel is best for you.
    I love you ❤ , keep hiking on !


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