Mile 701.8

I have managed to catch up to my friends again. I pulled a 23.7, 21, and 23.6 back to back.  I descended the Dragon’s Tooth at night via headlamp, and arrived at Four Pines hostel around 11pm last night.

I was relieved to find Ladybug, Turtle Goat, and Firebird there.  A hiker named Tracy greeted me with a Stone IPA.

Today we are doing a 25.7 slack pack into Daleville (possibly naked).  The Summer Solstace is “Hike Naked Day” on the AT.  It’s good to be freshly showered, and wonderful to be with my tribe again.

Edit: I was corrected. Tomorrow is hike naked day.

2 thoughts on “Mile 701.8

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    1. I laughed out loud at the correction. In my mind I saw this scenario;



      “What are you doing, bro?”

      “Oh… Err… Umm…”

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