Rested and Refueled

I’m sipping warm, beautiful, coffee.  At the window I have a wide view of the valley, and the storm clouds rolling in.  Pearisburg, Virginia.  I have to leave you today.

A couple of my friends, Don Juan and Lt. quit the trail.  I didn’t expect to stop here, but I needed a night to myself to process that.  I needed to rekindle the fire I had when I stepped past the plaque at Springer.

Ladybug and Turtle Goat ended up bunking with me for the night, which was nice.  We had a small party with some other hikers.  I needed my time though, and when they packed up in the morning I stayed.

I spent the day enjoying the luxury of running water and wifi.  I listened to music, drank heavily, and did some writing; activities crowded hostels sometimes frown upon.  I also hit up Goodwill for some new clothes and a new charge cable for my MP3 player.

Feeling social again, I hung out with some hiker neighbors till dark.  I was happy to see Blue (not to be confused with Blueman) back on trail. One neighbor was a girl headed southbound, and we picked her brain for knowledge of the north.

I got my best sleep on the trail that night, and packed my gear this morning.  An email came in from my best friend, and though recharged, that further energized me for the day.  It’s a hell of a day to leave town on!

One more cup before the rain.  Stay well my friends.

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  1. Good morning my friend, I really enjoyed your video and the pictures are wonderful. I am sure it is tough to have some of your good trail friends leave the trail, just have to keep you chin up and remember they came into your life for a reason, even if just for a short period of time, and remember the same is true about you coming into their life for a reason. They might have had a different reason for coming on the trail and got what they needed to out of it, or realized it wasn’t the right time for them. Enjoy that time with them, but glad you are also taking time for yourself, because that is a big part of your journey. Just reflect back on where you were both physically and emotionally on day 1, and how your expectations and reality might be different. I have to say that I was not sure how you would do given all of the life events you went through before jumping on the trail. But you have set your mind to finishing, as well as growing and I think you are spot on to accomplish both of those and in doing so, will join a special group of AT thru hikers. It could be worse, you could be on the PCT which is supposedly packed with newbies after the movie came out about it. Or you could be looking at a computer monitor at pictures of mountains :).


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