Zero at Woods Hole Hostel

The five of us stayed the night last night, and well, we never made it off the front porch this morning. A zero on a beautiful day, at a beautiful place.  I saw Blueman yesterday, he got sucked in for a day as well.

Over breakfast this morning, Lt. announced that he was leaving the trail.  I think we all saw this coming, and it seems to be the right decision for him.  I’ll miss Benji.  I’m trying not to think about it now, I’ll process it on the trail.

Woods Hole is a sustainable organic farm with two 1880’s Chestnut Oak cabins on the property.  Both have been restored and added on to.  I had hoped they were American Chestnut, as the guidebook was vague about it.

Chestnut Oaks took over after the Chestnut Blight changed the Appalachians forever.  The last time I saw American Chestnut in a lumber store, a single one by eight was going for $450.  It’s become one of the rarest woods in the world.

There are several thru-hikers here who are doing  seven week or more work-for-stays.  It’s that kind of place, and the owner Neville is a sweetheart.  I’ve never met a female Neville before now either.  I’m hoping Lt. might try the work for stay before he heads home for good.

I’ll admit that I offered to do the same at Bonnie’s place in Damascus.  That said, I had just returned from the brewery there.  Bonnie’s moonshine was pretty persuasive that night as well.  I love Damascus.

If you’re wondering about the picture of me below, I’ll do my best to explain.  Many hostels offer loaner clothes so you can wash all of your laundry at once.

According to the tag, those were “sexy boyfriend shorts” and avoided by all.  I have sufficient swagger to rock them, so yeah.  Thanks to Turtle Goat for documenting this fine moment in AT history.

That’s it for now.  Take the best of care.








2 thoughts on “Zero at Woods Hole Hostel

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  1. glad to see you rocking the Luna’s, I just don’t understand how you are still so white, making casper look oven roasted. so I had to give you a shout out as I had my performance review on the 3rd and we (VelEast) exceeded all of our targets (kicked all the targets ass) except our year to date target which is due to shutting down and decreasing our inventory. I couldn’t have done it without you and as much as I hate to bring up work when you are on such an epic journey, I thought this was something you would want to hear, so yes we rocked. So that out of the way, how long do you think you are going to let that animal grow on your face? I mean it is stylish and I am jealous as I have so much grey that I would look like Santa and kids would line up to tell me what they wanted for Christmas. Well that is all, oh but I got a new nickname from Bob Tyree up in Chattanooga, he calls me RoadRunner with a beep beep at the end :)~


    1. That’s perfect. I believe Bob was the one who started calling me “Sir Ryan” at some point. It was nice to leave VelEast while we were at the top of our game. I’m glad we were allowed to shut ourselves down. Like samurai committing seppeku, our business died with its dignity intact.

      We’ll see if I’m tan by Maine. As for the beard, it’s getting warm!


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