Appalachian Dreamer Hostel

I wanted to share some photos from the last hostel I stayed at.  LumberMack is the owner of this wonderful establishment.  He does not allow walk-ins (everyone is shuttled in from the picnic area at mile 556) so he can screen hikers before they arrive.

Mack will hand you a four page waiver that must be filled out prior to your stay.  The hostel is his home, and he has all bases covered.  He’s also a man of faith, and wants to be sure his Christian values will be accepted by his guests.  This is the first time I’ve to agree “not to engage in sexual activity” during a hostel stay.  He also has a rule against profanity.  If I can make it past that rule, you can too.  Hop-A-Long told me if there was a swear jar, I’d probably have to end my hike.

Oh, and firearms are fine here, just check them at the door.

Mack is a former barber and Vietnam vet.  He’s a tough southern gentleman with a broad back and a thick Virginia accent.

“I know what hikers want.”  He told us many times.  Having been a thru-hiker himself, he does!

He and his wife Kelly have a beautiful farm just shy of 33 acres.  Their hospitality and attentiveness are unmatched.  They ask for a $20 donation.  I paid $30, as they provided both breakfast and lunch.

I loved the trekking poles on the gun rack.  There’s Mack in the reflection.



2 thoughts on “Appalachian Dreamer Hostel

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  1. The cat looks like he has an attitude. Hope your having fun Ryan and the twins are reading your blog while your brother in law drinks all my scotch. Be safe and we are enjoying your adventure.


  2. the cat is just a big baby, he just looks bad. he took up here a few years ago after someone dumped him out. we took him in and nursed his wounds which he most likely got fighting for food. he has a life of leasure now and a bottomless food bowl. I guess he is wary of strangers because of what he may have experienced before we took him in. we call him bookie and he enjoys laying around the barn. he may be a little upset because when hikers are here we don’t let him come into the back porch where hikers leave there packs.


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