June 6th Mile 523

June 6th Mile 523

We hauled ass today. Cows, ponies, 25mph wind and rain in the latter part of the Grayson Highlands. Ladybug set a perfect pace. Firebird’s first 20+ day. My first in weeks. I’ve been in a mental slump. It feels so good to be with friends again. So nice to actually hike all day in a group, together. Laughing.

Tonight was my first sip of Kava. Combined with my stash of Valerian, we’ll sleep well tonight. Marion in the morning, out by 6am then ten miles hiking to the 11am shuttle. Ingles and a Walmart. I’m armed with a grocery list this time, and confident in this resupply.

Lightning bugs flying inside the shelter. Shortcut and I have the house to ourselves. The rest of our mates are between the trees in hammocks. Gritz and Sam are off trail, as Gritz blew his knee. Heal strong my friend, you have the best girl at your side.

Today was such a contrast from yesterday. It’s amazing the impact of sun after two rainy days.

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