Picture Dump!


A break from the woods, into this gorgeous farm, about ten miles before DamascusIMG_2462[1]IMG_2465[1]

First day hiking shirtless, certainly not my last!IMG_2469[1]IMG_2479[1]

Woodchuck’s Hostel in DamascusIMG_2482[1]

Hey Joe’s in DamascusIMG_2483[1]

Hoodlum spotting, Gritz and the gang at Bonnie’s hostel.IMG_2492[1]

Entering the Grayson HighlandsIMG_2493[1]IMG_2494[1]IMG_2495[1]

Grayson HighlandsIMG_2497[1]

Flame Azaleas IMG_2496[1]IMG_2499[1]

I was accosted by ponies in Grayson Highlands (licked to death).  Video to post when I have a chance.IMG_2501[1]IMG_2511[1]

Leaving the Grayson HighlandsIMG_2513[1]

I purchased a loofa.  It’s how Dirty Girls get clean!IMG_2518[1]

You know you’re hiker trash when you do your laundry in a visitor center bathroom.IMG_2519[1]

Firebird, Turtle Goat, Mogli, and Lt. Left to right.  Waiting on the shuttle into Marion.IMG_2520[1]

Ladybug made it!IMG_2521[1]

Resupply crunch and swap in front of Walmart.  Plenty of police to keep us dirty hikers in line!  Be bought too much food…  Again…  We did get wise enough to swap snacks with each other for variety this time!

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  1. Your pictures probably don’t do the scenery justice, but it does make it easier to realize the beauty you are surrounded by. I am currently at my happy place, at the beach, listening to the sound of waves crashing. We had a small tropical storm come through and the waves got massive and got a double red flag so no swimming. I haven’t run that much in the last 2 weeks and can’t wait to get a good 6 miler in, barefoot would be better, but for now I will be happy running in the Luna’s. The kids are enjoying their summer so far and Bennett has managed to stay out of jail 😀. They are on a swim team for the first time and Bennett won his first race, a full lap freestyle. I was in Houston so I wasn’t there to share in the moment, but he was really excited to recap for me. Funny enough I had a memory on Facebook recently about the day we hired you and how we made the right choice and you reminded me of myself 10 years prior. little did I know then that I would learn more from you than the other way around. 👣👣👣


  2. I looked at these a few days ago and again tonight. Wow. Just wow. The highlands are breathtakingly beautiful, even in photos. I’m a little envious and wish I can spend some time walking and enjoying all of the beauty God has created. But I’m not jealous of the lack of showering 😆 Keep walking. Love you.


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