New Phone, Yay!

Hey guys.  I purchased an Iphone 6 (with Verizon!) so I should be updating more regularly, and with better photos.

I’m currently in Marion, VA for resupply, which is about mile 532.  I’m in a library, but as always, I have entirely too many things to accomplish in the next two hours.  I’ve written a few things, and will upload them soon.  Hopefully from my new phone.

Enjoy the sun while you have it, and keep close to your friends when you don’t.  Friends are everything.  They’re also conveniently waterproof…

More later.

One thought on “New Phone, Yay!

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  1. hope you caught the shuttle ❤ ,great talking to you, congrats on getting a new phone the pictures are great 🙂 Love you ❤ talk to you again soon


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