One Month on the Trail

May 23rd, 2016

Refreshed and Refueled. In the past 24 hours I’ve eaten 15 slices of pizza, a side salad, two beef burritos, rice and beans, three eggs, two slices of toast, hashbrowns, two country fried steaks, 8 glasses of sweet tea, and 11 PBRs.

One month on the trail will close at 354 miles. Headed out to Damascus, VA, 115 miles away. Trying to get there before June!

This is home for the night. I’m with a group of six and we just can’t pass this up:IMG_0309

I’ve got good neighbors to chill with!


Best evening on the trail. A great way to close out my first month out here.


6 thoughts on “One Month on the Trail

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  1. ok, I cannot believe that you ate all that, I hope you were at the end of the line the next day, and that you have been out there for a month already. I had to look up an old PO today and it was one that you had entered, made it seem like you were still here. I am really enjoying following this and your pics are making me want to get out in the woods. It seems like you found your element and have some really cool people to share it with. Cheers to the next month and the amazing sights I am sure you will see


    1. I am in my element for sure. My Lunas have quickly become one of my favorite pieces of gear. I haven’t done much hiking in them, but they are the best camp shoe. I’ve had them completely covered in mud, and I’ve showered in them many times. They have no visible wear. So far I’ve met one hiker who is doing trail miles in Origins, and two girls who are hiking in Teva’s.


  2. Wow that is a lot of food LOL, but you need that many calories for long hikes. I love the pictures, such a pretty and peaceful place & good friends to share it with, that is so wonderful. I am glad you are no longer looking at ending in Maine, but just taking one day at a time and really appreciate the journey you are on. Breathe it all in and Enjoy every moment. You got far in the month you have been gone, doing great , sending my love ❤ keep on hiking on !


  3. Wow 1 month already, how fantastic. I second your Mom’s comment. Enjoy the journey and all the beauty that surrounds you. You are making memories and friends for a lifetime. Hike on and just keep taking it all in. It’s not the destination that matters, it’s how you enjoy the journey. Keep the pics coming. Love you. ❤


  4. Thanks for the updates, Ryan ! I have everybody at work ‘following’ your progress on your epic journey. (Half think you’re crazy, half think you’re Loving the pics and stories. You should write a book!! Stay safe, love ya !! ❤


  5. Ryan, thank you for the updates and the pictures you post. You really took on a challenge here, but to me, the pictures you are taking and what you are telling us is all about God’s nature at work. It is there if we just look for it.


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