Hot Springs Resupply

Hey Guys,

I’m writing to you from the library in Hot Springs, on one of their many public computers.  I made it into town this morning, with a short 3.2 mile hike from the nearest shelter to town.  I ended up pulling two 15(ish) mile days.  I did a partial laundry stop, resupplied on food and fuel, and am about to head over to get a soak.

I’ve been hiking with a pretty laid back group of guys for the past two days.  We’re looking at 17-18’s to Erwin, which sounds really good to me.  Flo, Pretzel, and Hatchet left Hot Springs today, with an 18, 30, and a 19 planned, if I heard correctly through the grapevine.

It’s rainy, and as tempting as it is to go into Laughing Heart Hostel for the night I have decided to press on.  About half the group I am with now are staying, while the rest of us are headed 1-5 miles out of town for the night.  The highlight of this town stop was Bluff Mountain outfitters.  They are by far the most comprehensive outfitter I’ve seen on the trail, with a full food resupply as well.  I bought a cheap light watch there (not having a watch has been driving me nuts) as well as some Valerian root supplements and fish oil for my knees.  They had a great tea selection too, so I banked on that as well.

I also got to meet Blueman’s wife today, which was pretty cool.  His whole family came in to spend a few days with him in Hot Springs.

With clean socks, and a clean wash cloth, I am ready to do battle with the woods today.  I am rolling out of here fully loaded for five days at 30lbs.

Here are some pics:IMG_2199[1]

Mountain Laurel BloomingIMG_2205[1]

FAA NDB marker with TRAIL MAGIC!!!!  Homemade Icecream, Apple Fritters, Beer, and lots of other goodies.  Homemade Fudge, Etc.IMG_2202[1]

Headed towards Max PatchIMG_2207[1]

Max Patch.  The most peaceful place I’ve found on the AT so far.IMG_2213[1]IMG_2212[1]IMG_2214[1]


Power Nap!IMG_2216[1]


Looks like a good place for hiker food!


My breakfast



I left no survivors!IMG_2229[1]


I should be out 4-5 days to Erwin.  Will update as able.  Take the best of care!

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  1. Great Pictures, glad you got to do the hot tub, I am sure it helped with your knees. Glad you got a resupply also, oh yeah and the great breakfast 🙂 Love you !! ❤


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