Trails, Tents and Tiaras!


Tent City


May 14, 2016-

Heading out from Trail Days. A girl named Firebird made me this fine tiara while she was cutting a baking pan down into a stove wind screen. That’s Hatchet in the foreground. I met back up with Flo, and Pretzel as well and got the last spot on the shuttle from Standing Bear. It was a nice way to cap off a very mentally draining week in the Smokies.


Rolling back in from Trail Days.


From left to right, Hatchet, Flo and Pretzel


This is how you know you’re in a trail town!

I was told today that I am on one of the FB pages for returning Blueman’s lost phone to him. A lady at the trail recognized my trail name instantly. Kind of cool.

Blueman’s journal where he mentions Dirty Girl and his lost phone

this is the conclusion of the lost phone story

Headed out to Hot Springs tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Trails, Tents and Tiaras!

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    1. The trail is a weird and wonderful place. I stopped in for laundry this morning and decided clean socks and a clean wash cloth were good enough. Managed to combine a load with three other hikers. #NoImNotHomelessJustHiking


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