Day 18, 19 & 20


May 10th- Quite the view this morning.  Hiked 19 miles last night, trying to catch up to a girl I spent a couple days with in Fontana.  Lesson learned, hike your own hike.

May 11th- Made it to the 210 mile mark.

May 12th- Tonight should be my last in the Smokies. Stopping at Standing Bear Hostel tomorrow if they have room.



5 thoughts on “Day 18, 19 & 20

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  1. Beautiful pictures ! There was a guy who got bit on his leg from a bear. Not sure if he was stupid enough to have food in his tent, it was somewhere in the Smokies, near one of the shelters. How is your knee holding up ? I guess you must be ok since you pulled a 21 miler. 🙂 I send you my Love, Hike on Son ….. ❤


    1. The bears are terrible right now. A bit was lost in translation during my post to Kelly. I have NEVER experienced such fearless bears as I did during this section. I literally had to shout and charge a 200lb black bear to get him off trail (at night mind you, hence the blue eye reflection from my head lamp). Between the ridge runners packing us like sardines into the shelters, the bears, and the rest of the failed regulations, I was happy to clear it in four nights. I’m in a shuttle on my way to trail days, will update when able (sober).


  2. Wow, much more exciting than selling valves, or trying to without inventory. I am glad you chased the bears off and did not have any issues, but be careful and safe as you know anything can be unpredictable. Thanks for allowing us to follow your journey, it is pretty cool to say the least


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