April 30, 6:51pm

Today marks 1 week on the trail. I think I had jumped ahead a day in my mind.

Yesterday, Flo-Mo and I crossed the GA/NC line and put our trail names in the small registry there. There is a small sign and the tree has a 1.5″ threaded pipe in the side. The tree has grown around the pipe. I got a picture with my Nikon, but will have to upload it when I get to town.

Yesterday was a pretty tough 16 miler, with one hell of hill at the end. We took a nice, long lunch at a stream though. Boots off, feet soaking. Between that and our breakfast pizza, it was an awesome day.

Today we pulled 13 miles over relatively easy terrain. We crossed over Standing Indian and had a cup of coffee up there. That was probably the highlight of my day. We’re trying to integrate something like that each day.

We’re camped next to Carter Gap Shelter for the night, with rain rolling in. The plan is another 13 miles tomorrow and then a shuttle into Franklin the following morning. I saw something about an espresso bar with WiFi there. Hopefully I can get some things figured out and improve my ability to update this site.

I’m running low on battery with limited connection, but I should have some content posted in a couple of days.

Also, cold mid-day oatmeal has become a favorite lunch item. I’m just too lazy to make it on the morning.

Take care and stay tuned!




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