Day Six: 13 Miles

April 28th 8:01pm

Unicoi to Deep Gap Shelter. Should be crossing into North Carolina tomorrow. One state almost down. I have my Smokies permit printed and ready to go.

Flo and I dialed it back today. The repeated advice from SirPacksALot was “slow down”. Said it more in the manner of “slow the f’ down”!

The reality is, half of us will not make it out of the Smokies, and that 18 miler we did the other day did more harm than good.

Flo has a friend who pulled 20 miles too early and it put her off the trail for three weeks..

So we came back to the trail with a very different attitude today. We took our time. I have double blisters on both heels and Flo has one so bad that her sock was covered in blood.

I can do a 37 mile weekend, but out here, there is no Monday- Wednesday recovery at the office.

We had some great views today and a wonderful time just sitting in the woods, feeling the breeze on our faces.

Black Sheep and Canadian met back up with us having just come back from a night in Helen. Canadian is a beast and pushed on. So the three of us have our own street amid a small town of other tents tonight.

The girl who shuttled us back in from the hostel talked about her trail family during her thru hike in 2012. If this is my trail family, well, I’m very grateful!

Good Night All.



3 thoughts on “Day Six: 13 Miles

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  1. that is awesome, man I needed to read that this morning as we just loaded the scrap valves and nothing is left back there. IT is about to do their thing and VelEast will be a thing of the past, very glad I got to share some of that with you and glad you are in your element. Anthony laughed pretty hard at your trail name, and you have a big following from CEC folks. Enjoy!!!


    1. End of an era. We did have some really awesome times though. It still hasn’t hit me that I don’t work there anymore.

      Might be nice to see the other end of the business though. I miss it.


  2. Sounds like your adventure has been awesome do far. Glad you hooked up with other hikers. Adventures should be shared. Love you nephew. Can’t wait to read more and see some pictures.


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