Let’s rewind a minute…..

(Hi all! This is Ryan’s sister, Kelly. When Ryan doesn’t have internet access he is going to text me what he’d like you to know and I will write it on here for you.)

I have started my journey!  (April, 23rd around 11:30am EST)


Only 2,108.5 miles to go!
This is Clarity. She was the ambassador who registered my hike. She was really cool.


(You can see his “Dirty Girl Gaitors” really well in these photos! )

Sunday, April 24th 12:08pm

Made it 12 miles yesterday.




Raven Cliff Falls.

Tuesday, April 26th 12:49pm

At Mountain Crossings eating pizza! Yay! Trail Angels! Earlier we had Angels bring us Snickers bars and Dr. Peppers!



Headed to Whitley Gap after this.

Wednesday, April 27th 8:34 am

I pulled 18 miles yesterday from Lance Creek to Low Gap Shelter. Headed to Unicoi. Met some awesome people: Canadian, Black Sheep and Flo-Mo. I haven’t gotten a trail name yet but today could be the day!

(So that catches you up to where he is now. He is headed to Tray Mountain today. I will keep you posted, unless he does first! ~ Kelly)

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