A Great Send Off


5 thoughts on “A Great Send Off

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  1. it was the least we could do, you did make an impact on a lot of people, but I think that is just the beginning, I think in the future that will grow exponentially!!!


  2. Hi Ryan, Good Luck and be safe on your Hike. Let us know when you get near Greenwood Lake. You have a good amount of family here and we can hook you up. Places to stay, shower and take a load off. Im sending this to my son (your cousin) as he loves to hike this area maybe could meet up! Greenwood Lake is a popular stop for those hiking the trail as we have one of the few post offices off the trail. Many hikers come into town get a bite to eat and pick up supplies shipped to the post office. Another favorite destination of the Hikers is the Town Beach. Great spot too cool off and bonus your Aunt works there as manager. Please contact us when you get in the area!!!


  3. Ryan, we’re all going to miss you here at CEC but are so excited to share in this journey with you!! Looking forward to many more updates.


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